We realise there are so many causes calling for financial support in Australia currently, it seems overwhelming to decide where to best put (and trust) your heart and hard earned dollars.

We are not a registered charity because we cannot afford the registration process, or the ongoing accounting maintenance and reporting required for a registered charity. We do however give you our absolute promise that the funds raised for this project are 100% committed to the girls we support. There are no administrative fees, there are no directors fees. All our own work is done voluntarily and we give as much as possible where it has the most impact. It allows us a certain freedom to operate efficiently, to pivot where and when we need to (given world events), and to act diligently with integrity. We feel we are a charity ‘start up’, a bare bones team who works tirelessly to deliver on something we believe in. So if you would like to do a small bit to help us, it is very much appreciated and very much needed.

how to support 8x8 to educate

There are several ways you can help us support 8x8 To Educate.


dignity project

Purchase a reusable menstrual pad or pack of pads, and help a girl in Africa complete her education.

donate pads

make a donation

We need your support. Make a one-off donation or set up regular monthly contributions to help educate girls in Africa.

donate today

enter award

Send your artwork to a worthy cause and you could win $1000 cash for adults and a gift pack for kids. 

enter award

get your school involved

8x8 can help you run your own school event and exhibition to raise funds and also sell them here online.

learn more

buy a book

Rina's Story by Natasha Yates and illustrated by Katura and her sister Tiki is a lovely gift and its purchase helps African kids.

buy book

purchase artwork

Purchase a $30 original artwork from our online exhibition or next year's exhibition.

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