Create Art to Educate.

Pick up a brush or pencil and enter our 8×8 Art Award.

100% of proceeds from the event will go to educating children in Developing Nations.


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8×8 is an art award with amazing prizes created by 16 year old Katura Halleday.

Artists and creatives of all ages and skill levels  donate an 8×8″ sized artwork to a 7 day exhibition.

All artwork is for sale for $30 during the exhibition.

100% of the proceeds go to providing an education to the children of Developing Nations.



ARTABLE, a local art educator has kindly donated a $500 cash prize and $500 workshop vouchers to the winner of the adult’s category and a prize pack for the winner of the children’s category.


Hey, I’m Katura

Hi! Let me introduce you to me and my projects.  My name is Katura Halleday, I am 16 years old and define myself as an artist, humanitarian, and social justice advocate. 

I am passionate about two things in life, art being one and the other the education of young women in developing countries.  By following these passions, I have been able to fulfil my dream of uniting my community through art whilst helping to continue the education of those less fortunate.

In 2018 I started a Social Enterprise, 8×8 to Educate, donating 100% of the profits to education in Mozambique.  We have now expanded to include children from Tanzania.   I currently have three main income streams, a book written by Natasha Yates that my sister and I illustrated called Rina’s Story, an annual Art Award and professional public speaking engagements.

Our art exhibition is now in its third year and funds a scholarship program allowing girls in Mozambique and Tanzania access to an education from Primary school to the completion of University.  This ensures we have women in the positions to effect change within their community. 

We have also assisted in the rebuild of a school for 2000 students in Mozambique (I have been able to facilitate the donation of 105 Surface Pro computers, school supplies, building material, furniture and tools).

We are setting up some micro businesses, to provide entrepreneurial opportunities for girls.  

I have been fortunate to have these activities recognised by the local and international community. I was the Leadership HQ Student Leader of the year in 2020, AMP Change Maker 2020, WIBBA Empowering Young Women 2019, the Women in Business Rising Star for 2018, International Stevie Silver Award in New York, Australian Representative at the International Forum for Volunteers in Russia, and the subject of an internationally award winning short film ‘Katura’s Story’ which I presented to the United Nations in February 2020.

While I am honoured by these awards, I am more grateful for the platform it has given me to have my voice heard, and to highlight the issues of Educational Equality.

I hope you find my story inspirational and that it ignites in you a desire to help.

Rina's Story

Katura has teamed up with Matika Halleday and Natasha Yates to write, illustrate and produce a children’s book, Rina’s Story.
The book is set on the Gold Coast and Hinterland.
We hope that locals and tourists will purchase this for any young people they know.
Purchasing Rina’s Story helps:

  • promote the Gold Coast and the work of local artists Matika and Katura Halleday
  • support children in Mozambique

Giving a child a book is giving them a friend
Giving a child an education is giving them a chance at a better life

Purchase Rina's Story

A percentage of profits supports the work in Mozambique.

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We were once like you, wondering if it was possible to learn how to paint and draw and wanting to add some creativity to our lives. We didn’t know back then what we all know now….that anyone can learn to draw and paint with the right teaching and tools. That art would add the most social, exciting and rewarding experiences for a lifetime.
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Dust Temple sidles amongst industry, in between the beauty of Currumbin Alley and the magic of its Valley. She was an old warehouse with great bones and layers upon layers of industrial incarnations. With an avid hand and a creative mind that works overtime, owner John Wilson turned her on her head and opened it up as a space to explore the workings of creative minds. Our gallery hosts local, national and international artists, musicians and poets. Studio spaces house artists, a ceramicist, a leatherworker and silversmith along with a boutique foundry. With true open ended creativity we are connected to one another allowing creation rather than reproduction and repetition leading us to be in a constant state of evolution. From daytime coffee meet-ups, to evenings spent in great company Dust Temple will house you in a space unlike any other on the Coast. You are always welcome to return to Dust.

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Since 2014, the AMP Foundation has awarded grants to over 300 Tomorrow Makers working in fields as diverse as art, athletics, science, social innovation, music, medical research and more. 

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