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About the competition

Opening Night Party:  November 2020-8pm

The Dust Temple, 54 CURRUMBIN CREEK ROAD, Currumbin Queensland

Exhibition: Runs for a week (dates to be confirmed)

Entries Open: 1st April 2019 and Close 30 October 2020

Delivery: Artwork can be hand delivered between 30th Oct – 13th Nov to:

Councillor Glenn Tozer Office, 4 Swan Lane, Mudgeeraba QLD.

Or delivered at any time to:

8x8 To Educate, 9 Glenrowan Drive, Tallai, 4213 QLD

Sale: Artwork is for sale at $30 each during the exhibition.
Entry fee: $15 for Adults and $5 for under 18 years

Winner: The Judge’s decision is final and will be announced at opening night

Unsold work: Can be collected from 4 Swan Lane, Mudgeeraba  Or you can donate your unsold work.

Pickup for Sold Work:   Dust Temple, Currumbin at the conclusion of the exhibition.

Conditions of Entry

  • The Judge’s decision is final
  • Due to space restrictions, the organisers may conduct a ‘pre-selection’ process and as a result all artworks may not be hung, however all artworks will be on the website.
  • All artworks are to remain for the duration of the exhibition
  • No responsibility it taken for artworks not collected by the date stated on the entry form and unclaimed works will remain the property of 8x8 to educate and may be sold at a future date.
  • All care will be taken but the organisers will not be held responsible for any loss or damage of artworks at the exhibition or in transit.
  • Painting must not be wet when delivered
  • A Maximum of three entries per persons will be permitted.
  • A child entry is 18 years and under
  • Entry fee is $15 per piece per adult and $5 per piece per child
  • An entry form and payment must be received for each entry
  • Paintings and drawings can be of any medium
  • Artworks must be original from the artist
  • All artworks must have the name and phone number of artists on the back
  • Any canvas or framed work must have a wire suitable for hanging
  • All artworks must have the dimensions of 8x8 inches on the outside

Enter your artwork

**Artwork can be hand delivered to: Council Glenn TOZER office, 4 Swan Lane, Mudgeeraba QLD.

Entry fee: $15 for Adults and $5 for under 18 years.

Payment Details

Cheque: made payable to K Halleday
EFT: ANZ account name: K Halleday, BSB:014688 Account Number: 579660912
Online Payment: Paypal

Please download the 8x8 Entry Form if you would prefer to print and email it to us.

Once you have completed the form, please purchase your entry ticket below to ensure entry into the competition. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  How do I enter my artwork?
Please complete the online entry form and pay your entry fee and then deliver your artworks on the dates provided.
Alternatively, you can print the entry form and mail with your artworks to either paying online or including a cheque with your entry:
8x8 to Educate
9 Glenrowan Drive
Tallai QLD 4213

 Q.  Do I need an art background to enter?
We encourage everyone of all ages and skill level to participate, this competition is just as much about encouraging you to give it a go as it is raising funds for the kids of Mozambique.

Q.  Can I enter more than one piece?
Of course. The goal is to gather many pieces of original works of art that are 8 inches x 8 inches. Each person may enter up to 3 artworks.

Q: I want to frame my pieces; can I enter these works?
Yes but please ensure that the OUTSIDE dimensions do not exceed 8 inches x 8 inches as the artwork is to be displayed in neat rows and it important that all pieces are the same size. Framed work but have a WIRE to enable it to be hung. ARTWORK CAN BE ENTERED ON PAPER OR CANVAS ALONE AND UNFRAMED WHICH IS THE PREFERED METHOD OF ENTRY for ease of display.

 Q.  How do I host a 8x8 party or get together?
It is so easy! Here are the basics:

INVITE, your friends, co-workers, family members, or your drinking buddies.
HOST YOUR PARTY and make something creative together!
ENTER AND PAY ONLINE USING THE SAME PARTY NAME FOR EACH ENTRY at least 6 pieces before the entry deadline (they will be installed together). Each artwork needs a complete entry form.

Q. What are the goals of 8X8 TO EDUCATE? 8X8 TO EDUCATE will be the FIRST year of a proposed annual event with all funds raised going to Mission Educate so that they can continue to provide education to the children of
Mozambique. Our fundraising goal for this year is only $3300 so please help us achieve this.

Q. Which artworks are already sold?
Artworks that are sold are marked with a coloured dot, both in-house and online.

Q. I am a school teacher and I would like to have my school class enter artworks. We love having student participation in 8x8 to educate! Have all your students make 8-by-8 artworks, then enter online. These can be mailed in together.

Q.  Does 8x8 inches include a border or mat? Can my piece be smaller than 8inches square?The external dimensions of the piece should be exactly 8inches square including border and mat. Smaller pieces may be mounted to 8″ x 8″ paper or board. Installation is
based on a grid, artworks larger than 8″ x 8″; effect the efficiency of this method.

Q.  Can I enter a series? Of course. We cannot guarantee that the complete series will be installed together or in order, but we will try to install them in a horizontal row. We cannot accommodate vertical sequencing. Each person may enter up to three artworks. If you want them in a certain order, please number the works left to right.

Q.  How will the work be installed?
The work will be installed in the order in which it is received.

Q. Can I enter a canvas?
Of course. Canvases are accepted as long as they are pre-wired.

Q.  If my piece does not sell during the exhibition will I get it back?
Yes you may collect your artworks on the date and location on your entry form. Any works not collected will become the property of 8x8 to educate. We reserve the right to sellworks.

Q.  Will all artworks be displayed?
That is the intention, however as this is the first year and we do not know how many
entries we will receive it cannot be guaranteed. ALL artwork however will be displayed online.

Q.  Are any artworks rejected?
8x8 to Educate reserves the right to reject any artwork. However, that is not the intention of the organiser. We do not anticipate this occurring.

Q. What other restrictions are there for the artworks? Please do not enter any works containing glitter. Any art being entered with unfixed charcoal or pastel must have a temporary cover sheet for both its protection and that of the surrounding works. Please label the cover sheet as such as it will be removed upon installation.

Q.  Where does the money from the ‘sale’ of an artwork go?
All proceeds, yes folks that is 100% will go directly to Mission Educate. I am personally covering the administration costs. This is a fun initiative that brings together a diverse group of people. It is also an important fundraiser that enables thoughtful contemporary art programming.

Q.  Will the artists find out who purchased their artwork? The buyer receives a copy of your entry form with the artist’s name and contact information. The buyer may then contact the artist if they would like to. When entering artworks, be sure to put some form of contact information (ex. a business card) if you wish to be contacted by the buyer of your artwork. Due to the scale of this exhibition we are not able to provide the buyer’s information to the artist.

Q: If my artwork sells, do I still retain copyright? Yes, the copyright belongs to the artist upon creation and remains as such regardless of the buyer. It is important to include contact information with your piece so that the buyer can contact you.

Q.  When can I begin purchasing works from 8x8 to educate 2019? The gallery exhibition will open on the 16 th November 2019.

Q. How does the Online Gallery work? The 8x8 to educate Online Gallery will be available as entries are received. Come to the exhibition early if you find a piece you love and wish to purchase.

Q.  How do I retrieve artwork I purchase from 8x8 2020
Artworks from 8x8 to educate will remain on display until the end of the ehibtion, then available for collection. If you are unable to pick up your purchased works on these days, please pay our flat shipping fee of $4 to have the work mailed to you AFTER the close of the exhibition.

Q.  I can’t make it to the Pick-Up days. How will I obtain the pieces that I purchased?
When you buy any piece for $30 you have the option of paying an extra $4 to have the work(s) mailed to you AFTER the close of the exhibition.

Q. Admission to the exhibition?
Admission for the exhibition $15 for Adults and $5 for children under 18 years.