Artwork makes it to Moz

8x8 Moz artwork

At our amazing 8×8 Art Awards for 2021 we celebrated the impact that the generosity of our artists and collectors make.

One of our collectors wanted to take it even further and buy some artwork for the girls in Mozambique.

Because of the cost of postage and the risks associated with transporting anything to a developing nation we had to wait until we had other items to send.  All Saints Anglican School donated 7 Surface Pro computers to the girls entering University in 2022 so now was the time to send the works over to the girls.  Packaged well, protected from the elements and a lot of faith that the package would arrive these amazing works left for their new homes.

Blue Wren by Jan Lawnikanis

The two beautiful images – The aptly titled Second Chance by Bernadette Lack and the  beautiful Jan Lawinkanis painting entitled Blue Wren now grace the walls of Celia’s home in Beria Mozambique.

It was such a wonderful surprise for the girls in Mozambique.  Artwork is something quite unique in Beria as most people are struggling to survive and don’t have extra income for anything ornate.

I am sure that Celia is thrilled with her gift.

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