How Art Connects Community

Kids art

This years 8×8 Art Awards is now open for entries and they are flying in. We have received works from over 120 artists with 10 days still remaining until the close off date. There is still time if you want to be a part of the magic. You can put your entry in HERE

One of the most touching things is the notes that come along with the entries, especially those notes from kids.

This week we had a young girl who had painted a portrait of her dog to enter, she is just 7 years old and spent hours working on the tribute to her best friend. Sadly the beloved family pet passed away this week however she is still happy to enter the work to support the Girls of Africa. What an amazingly generous act from someone so young.

As an organizer of the event you get to hear the stories behind the art, the hours of passion that goes into each creation, the hope that the work will make a difference for a child. It is a honor to open each message and so very humbling to know we are also changing the lives of people here.

This week the 8×8 Art Awards were featured in Blank, and we got the opportunity to mention some of the amazing kids that support us each year.

Checkout the article here.

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